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As we’ve discussed on our blog, RII is a small business with an entirely virtual team.  Each team member works from a home office and most of our interactions happen from a distance, utilizing some type of technology to communicate (phone, e-mail, instant messages, video conferencing, etc.)   We have asked the question (like so many others) — Can a company and its employees be successful working from home? Recently a co-worker shared with me this article  by Dr. Kerry Schofield, co-founder and Chief Psychometrics Officer at Good Co., regarding how to create meaningful working relationships while working from home. The article uses the research of Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Oxford, as a springboard for exploring meaningful work relationships in a virtual environment. Based on Robin Dunbar’s research, there is a theoretical limit to the size of the social network that we can maintain and an … Continue reading

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home office

The recent wave of pulling telecommuters back into an office to help save struggling companies has made me question – Is the location of a company’s employees a key component of success? As the HR manager of Research Integrations–a small business that began allowing employees to work from home offices  in order to provide flexibility and retain key employees and then eventually moved all employees to home offices–this seems like an important question to answer. At first the answer to this question seems complicated, but in the end, it may be simple. While the modalities of communication have changed with technology and telecommuting, the core messages and objectives of effective communication have not changed. Successful companies use communication effectively to accomplish these key objectives: Provide a shared vision Establish accountability Establish and maintain working relationships Maintain awareness of current challenges and successes Evaluate employee engagement Reward accomplishments For telecommuting these … Continue reading

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