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Before you delve into the design of a new system, you are likely aware that you need to define your intentions for the system. This includes not only the intended function and the intended context, but also a clear description of your intended users. Intended users—the type of people who you will use your system—will greatly impact design decisions that you make early in the process. If you’ve ever gone to parent-teacher night and been forced to sit in your kindergartner’s chair, you’ve already got a good idea of what we mean when we talk about how defining intended users will impact design decisions. Why define your intended users? Defining your intended users means that you will be more likely to make design decisions that allow your users to operate the system to achieve its intended function effectively, efficiently, and comfortably. (Think about that kindergarten classroom chair.) When you fully … Continue reading

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We are excited to release a video overview of the aviation design and certification processes that make up the foundation of our new aviation training series. Click Here for immediate access to the overview video on The free presentation provides a global look at how we break down the design process that we use for our 9 course training series. We are a human factors training and research company, so we focus on the aspects of the process that relate to the human factors design and certification decisions that must be made, although we recognize that there are many other important aspects to the overall process. The team at Research Integrations developed this process breakdown based on our work over many years addressing the human factors aspects of aviation design and certification for the FAA, NASA, as well as others. In particular, our work as part of the team … Continue reading

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Research Integrations, Inc is proud to introduce, our new hub to help you get geared up with human factors information so that you can address real-world challenges. “HFYI” is Human Factors – For Your Information. will become your go-to source for applied Human Factors training and information resources that bridge the gap between research and industry. You will find information presented in user-friendly, jargon-free language. Our applied training products provide you with the base knowledge required to address technical areas as well as structured processes so that you leave training with a strategy to effectively apply your industry expertise in a focused manner. We help equip you to confidently make effective decisions on the front lines. HFYI Training Series: Human Factors in the Aviation Design and Certification Process Course 1: Defining and Documenting Intended Function The seminal online training course: Defining and Documenting Intended Function is dedicated … Continue reading

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