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Research Integrations, Inc Launches and the Seminal Course: Defining Intended Function

Research Integrations, Inc is proud to introduce, our new hub to help you get geared up with human factors information so that you can address real-world challenges.

“HFYI” is Human Factors – For Your Information. will become your go-to source for applied Human Factors training and information resources that bridge the gap between research and industry. You will find information presented in user-friendly, jargon-free language. Our applied training products provide you with the base knowledge required to address technical areas as well as structured processes so that you leave training with a strategy to effectively apply your industry expertise in a focused manner. We help equip you to confidently make effective decisions on the front lines.

HFYI Training Series: Human Factors in the Aviation Design and Certification Process

Course 1: Defining and Documenting Intended Function

The seminal online training course: Defining and Documenting Intended Function is dedicated to one of the foundational stages of the product or system design process. This first course is focused on the aviation industry and the intended function description as required in the aviation design and certification processes. The course provides information on the importance of this step in the overall design and certification process. The case study example builds on the foundational information and provides a guided-real world process for thoroughly developing an intended function statement.

This training course will provide you with the right information and learning experience to ensure your design projects begin from a solid foundation; a complete and detailed foundation that will allow your entire design team to work from a common blueprint. Thoughtfully and thoroughly crafting a statement of intended function at the outset of your design project will pay dividends by providing focus that will help keep your process within scope and on the mark.

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