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The FAA 14 CFR 25.1302 Rule Has Arrived!

This is an exciting day! After a lot of hard work by many folks, 14 CFR 25.1302 regulation has been released.

As you may already know (or have read about in our blog series about the 14 CFR 25.1302 regulation), 14 CFR 25.1302 is a general applicability FAA regulation that includes explicit requirements for design attributes related to avoiding and managing flight crew error. While FAA 14 CFR 25.1523 and corresponding Appendix D have addressed some related design attributes, this proposed FAA regulation represents a much more global approach to human factors on the flight deck and will require system and equipment designers to consider human error and feedback in their design and testing of flight deck interfaces.

And, today, the final rule for 14 CFR 25.1302 has been published in the Federal Register.  You can find the published rule on the Federal Register:

14 CFR 25.1302 Installed Systems and Equipment for Use by the Flightcrew[agency_ids]=159&conditions[publication_date][is]=05%2F03%2F2013&conditions[type]=RULE

This rule amends design requirements in the airworthiness standards for transport category airplanes to minimize the occurrence of design-related flightcrew errors. The new design requirements will enable a flightcrew member to detect and manage his or her errors when the errors occur. Adopting this rule will eliminate regulatory differences between the airworthiness standards of the United States (U.S.) and those of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) without affecting current industry design practices.

Or you can go straight to the PDF version of the published rule:

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