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"HFYI" is Human Factors - For Your Information.

screenshot HFYI website sm transparent is our hub that brings together Human Factors training and information resources that bridge the gap between research and industry. will help you get geared up  with human factors information  so that you can address real-world challenges. You will find information presented  in user-friendly, jargon-free language. 

HFYI training products are designed to provide you with an applied training experience including the base knowledge required to address technical areas as well as structured processes so that you leave training with a strategy to effectively apply your industry expertise in a focused manner. We help equip you to confidently make effective decisions on the front lines.


Developing Effective and Successful Mobile Apps

Ready to create a great app? We're here to help! We have a ton of experience! Since 1995, our comprehensive interface design process has allowed us to serve as a trusted partner and provider to many great organizations, including: NASA, FAA, AMCI, GE, Garmin, and Honeywell. And, we want to share our proven process with you develop effective and successful apps that will take the App Store by storm.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know to Design a Mega App Store Hit! (Free Video)
    This short video provides a free introduction to our App SmartStart Training program and will teach you the top 5 App Design Land Mines to avoid when designing your next App. Get the 5 Things You Need to Know to Design a Mega App Store Hit! now.


  • App SmartStart Training
    AppSmartStart 3Dboxes This set of easy-to-understand videos and eBook tells you how to avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Standing in Your Way to a Mega App Store Hit. We call it the App SmartStart – and it’s the proven way to address the top 5 mistakes standing in your way to a mega app store hit!  You get the set of videos and eBook for just 7 bucks. Check out the free sneak peek of the App SmartStart now.


  • App Design Blueprint Training
    Based on our proven comprehensive interface design process we’ve created the App Design Blueprint. The App Design Blueprint is a full, step-by-step execution plan for developing AppDesignBlueprint - 3D Product Box - small shadow winning mobile apps that takes you from that glimmer of an idea to a full-fledge app that takes the app store by storm. This comprehensive and systematic self-paced online training quickly and thoroughly leads you through the app development process with over 4 hours of video-based training content chocked full of great tools, worksheets, and handy hints. To learn more and get started today, check it out at!


Human Factors Training Series on Aviation Design and Certification Processes based on elements described in AC 25.1302-1

We are excited to release a video overview of the aviation design and certification processes that make up the foundation of our new aviation training series. Click Here for immediate access to the overview video on The free presentation provides a global look at how we break down the design process that we use for our 9 course training series based on elements described in FAA Advisory Circular AC 25.1302-1. We are a human factors training and research company, so we focus on the aspects of the process that relate to the human factors design and certification decisions that must be made, although we recognize that there are many other important aspects to the overall process.

transparent Screenshot-of-Overview-of-HFYI-Training-Series

The team at Research Integrations developed this process breakdown based on our work over many years addressing the human factors aspects of aviation design and certification for the FAA, NASA, as well as others. In particular, our work as part of the team that developed the new human factors regulation for transport airplanes, 14 CFR 25.1302 and its associated advisory circular, as well as research for the FAA addressing how to effectively launch the new regulation has informed our thinking about the process and the training. In addition, we have addressed flight deck design and certification in many projects, including the development of the Design CoPilot application, which breaks down the human factors considerations for flight deck design and certification and provides information about how to identify and address them.

To learn more about this series, watch the series overview video. This training series includes the following nine courses:

  • Course 1 - Defining and Documenting Intended Function
  • Course 2 - Defining and Documenting Intended Users  - coming soon!
  • Course 3 - Defining and Documenting Use Context and Environment - coming soon!
  • Course 4 - Defining and Documenting Functional Requirements - coming soon!
  • Course 5 - Addressing and Documenting Function Allocation - coming soon!
  • Course 6 - Defining and Documenting Potential Crew Errors - coming soon!
  • Course 7 - Defining and Documenting Information Requirements - coming soon!
  • Course 8 - Defining and Documenting Control Requirements - coming soon!
  • Course 9 - Defining and Documenting System Behavior Requirements - coming soon!


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